Statesboro High School Broken Into

Damage to the principal's office door.
Damage to the principal's office door.

Teachers all across the Coastal Empire are preparing for the new school year. But someone couldn't wait to get inside Statesboro High School. They broke into the school, stole a handful of change, and left a big mess.

So with Statesboro High's new year just days away, the three R's have become repair, replace and report to police. Assistant Principal Mike Yawn is still finding damage after someone broke in Wednesday night.

"If they sat down with a schedule, they couldn't have planned a worse time for us," he said. "Teachers are trying to prepare rooms. We have open house Monday night."

What puzzles him and others is that TVs and computers weren't taken out of the many plundered offices. They're not sure if the mission was to steal or just make a mess. How they got in has school leaders concerned.

You can see where they used a torch to try to burn through the principal's office door. When that didn't work, they pried the door apart. But where there is no damage, no forced entry, is on any of the outside doors. They either propped one open somewhere or had stolen a key somehow beforehand.

Inside the vault, they rifled through master keys leaving such chaos that no one knows which ones are missing. But Bruce Walker, another assistant principal, tells us those keys won't be good for long.

"We're looking into some security to watch it nights and weekends, but we're going to take the necessary steps to secure the building," he said.

Those steps will include changing all the locks on the doors of the school at a cost of $25,000, making this a $25,000 crime which netted the bad guys very little in return.

Last night, the Bulloch County Board of Education approved the money needed to replace all the locks and upgrade building security.

Reported by: Dal Cannady,