Consider This: Boy Scouts

Consider This: Boy Scouts

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - Bucking more than 107 years of tradition, the Boy Scouts of America will begin allowing girls to join their ranks starting next year.

Some are hailing the move as a victory for gender equality, while others see it as political correctness run amok.

Among those opposed to the move, the Girl Scouts who say the benefits of single-gender organizations are well documented. In a statement released shortly after the Boy Scouts announcement, Girl Scouts USA said, "the need for female leadership has never been clearer or more urgent than it is today." The Girl Scouts also accuse the Boy Scouts of trying to recruit girls to boost its falling numbers

One of the biggest draws the Boy Scouts has to offer is the ability for its members to achieve the prestigious and widely recognized rank of Eagle Scout. A rank that has incredible benefits in the academic and professional worlds. The Girl Scouts have the Gold Award, a distinction that isn't nearly as well known.

Consider This: it's time for the Girl Scouts to regroup and refocus its mission. As they said, the need for leadership has never been clearer, and now is their opportunity. Girl Scouts needs to be more than just cookies and craft projects. It needs to be about education and empowerment.

My daughter is a scout and her troop does a tremendous job educating its members about all the opportunities and advantages a solid education and an interest in STEM topics can offer, especially for girls.

The Girl Scouts should also consider working with the Boy Scouts and not against them. Maybe each organization can offer individual tracks to a combined Boy and Girl Scout Eagle Rank.

Savannah was fortunate to see the birth of the Girl Scouts more than 100 years ago, let's hope this latest move by the Boy Scouts doesn't have us witnessing its death.

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