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5 reasons to service your vehicle at a franchised dealership

Are you overdue for scheduled maintenance on your vehicle and unsure of the best place to have your car serviced?  Here are five reasons you should let a franchised automotive dealership do the work.

Technical Staff:  Dealerships hire specialists.  These individuals are trained by the manufacturer and typically work primarily on your make of vehicle.  Furthermore, the dealership technicians receive ongoing training and are always current on the latest vehicle enhancements and repair techniques.

Parts Quality: Manufacturers and dealers only offer OE (Original Equipment parts). You can rest assured you aren’t getting an aftermarket product, which could be inferior.  If you’re worried that you’ll pay more for an OE product, know that many manufacturers offer some of the best warranties around, not just on parts but on the dealer’s labor to install those parts as well.

Recalls: If you purchased your car from a dealer and maintain your current contact information with them, the dealer service department will notify you if there is ever manufacturer recall on your vehicle.

Warranties: If your car is under warranty, a dealer will perform repairs for free.  Dealers can also offer manufacturer-backed extended warranties, which make service easier because there is typically a large network of dealers in an area backed by the same manufacturer.

Access to information: It’s likely that a dealer has access to your vehicle’s full history, including service records, recalls, and warranty-related repairs.  Based on that information, they can provide you with recommended service information ahead of time that can prevent time, and, money, and headaches that come with unexpected crisis repairs on the back end.

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