Hometown Hero: St. Vincent's senior class

Hometown Hero: St. Vincent's senior class

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - The score mattered at Benedictine Tuesday. It just wasn't the most important outcome of the game being played there.

"It was time to take action for Puerto Rico because 3.4 million Americans are being affected," said St. Vincent's Academy senior Saylor Britt. "They are without food, water and electricity."

But they are not without support in Savannah.

The St. Vincent's senior class dedicated a powder puff football game to Puerto Rico relief with players paying to take part in the game, fans donating and the entire school community pulling together to help a situation close to them.

"One of their classmates has family that was affected by the hurricane," said Maureen Cole, SVA's resource coordinator. "So, it was really important to them as a senior class and as a school to rally behind her."

"The Decubellis family has a lot of relatives over there, so they're doing as much as they can," added Britt. "They're doing everything to send supplies over, so we are donating all of our money to them so we can buy food and water so they can send it over there."

The senior class came up with the idea on their own and have been supported by the school in their efforts.

Benedictine's senior class also helped. The football team ended practice early Tuesday to allow SVA to use the field and the senior football players helped coach the powder puff teams. Saylor Britt's father, Danny Britt is BC's head football coach and was the referee for the game.

"They know what the bigger picture is," Cole said of her students. "It's not just about them, it's about everyone. it's about how they can bring their teammates along and their classmates along and it's really encouraging to see young people so involved."

These WTOC Hometown Heroes took time out of Homecoming Week to help out and brought heightened meaning to one of the highlights of their senior year.

"They said they thought it was important when everything is about the dress and the game and the score," said Cole, "for it to be about other people and I thought that was important."

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