Commander on 48th Brigade Casualties

Brig. Gen. Stewart Rodeheaver
Brig. Gen. Stewart Rodeheaver

Four soldiers from the 48th Brigade died in a roadside bombing in southwestern Baghdad this weekend. The attack comes less than a week after four other soldiers with the 48th Brigade's Second Battalion, 121st Infantry Regiment were killed by a roadside bomb.

The 48th Brigade's commanding general talked with us via satellite about the most recent attacks. Here's a transcript of what he said:

"Any time you have a loss of a soldier, it's a very, very devastating event. Especially in the life of a unit that's as close-knit as our units are. But the morale of the soldiers is very, very high, and what this has done is to just consolidate the resolve to do the mission properly, and to do it right, carry our American values forward as we go do this, and go do exactly what we're supposed to do over here to conduct our mission.

"I can tell you that, the other day when it was announced that we had lost the soldiers, and I went to the unit to tell them what had happened, the Iraqi soldiers who were standing there with them shed tears just like the Americans did. We feel like this is a true partnership and it hurts them just like it does us.

"For the families, I'll tell them we as a unit and all of us as individuals are deeply, deeply sorry. The soldiers that we lost were not only just friends of ours and soldiers in our ranks, but heroes to us, and brothers to us, and friends and confidants and comrades in arms, and every other thing you can think of to call them to let you know how close we were together. And for our families back home, we will let you know our families back there are supporting you just as much as we can. You have our deepest sympathies, but you also have our absolute commitment for continued support."