Good News: Midnight Garden Ride

Good News: Midnight Garden Ride

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - There couldn't have been a better time to get out on a bike than at the Midnight Garden Ride.

The Savannah Bicycle Campaign put on the event to promote bike safety and show how useful two-wheel transportation can be in Savannah.

"This is a unique way to see our town and not many people get to do it," said Caila Brown, Savannah Bicycle Campaign chair. "So, we like to use this event to celebrate what people see on their day to day commute."

The nighttime event started and ended at Grayson Stadium with entertainment and activity, but in between was a nine-mile ride through several communities as a way to put bikes in the heart of the city.

"I constantly hear that people who love going on this ride are afraid to ride their bikes at any other point in time," said Brown. "And so, that's part of what the Savannah Bicycle Campaign is all about, making our streets safer for people who bike, whether they choose to or they have to."

Costumes for riders and their bikes could not disguise the importance helmets and lights placed on safety as riders hit the streets in a way some don't always have the chance to.

"It's just a great way for people to see Savannah, see how many bike in their town and how many people want to bike in their town," said Brown. "Maybe they get a new favorite road to ride on or they really enjoy the route we've taken and they want to do it with their friends and family. The ultimate goal is just to get more people on bikes."

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