GSU student volunteered with Cajun Navy to help Harvey victims

STATESBORO, GA (WTOC) - Hurricane Harvey came nowhere near Statesboro or Georgia Southern. But the damage of the storm prompted one student to head to the Gulf Coast to help and "enlist".

Grayson Usrey saw on TV how Harvey flooded Louisiana and Texas. He and others from the Bowfishing Association of America grabbed their shallow water boats and headed there to help.

They teamed with the unofficial Cajun Navy fleet of boats for rescue missions over his four-day visit.

He says one of the most emotional memories was of others using their heavy equipment to help victims trapped by flood waters.

"Wednesday night, the dump trucks loaded up 50-60 people carrying them on the back with their luggage and everything," Usrey said.

He said the best reward he felt was watching so many different people come together to help those in need.

"If I was in that situation and somebody had the means, I'd want them to help me out and this was the same way. Just people helping people out," he said.

Usrey said he's also grateful to professors who let him make up the work for the classes he missed while he was there helping others.

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