Family of 48th Brigade Members Anxiously Await News

Susan Babot has both a husband and a son in Iraq.
Susan Babot has both a husband and a son in Iraq.

Family members of the 48th Brigade have been waiting on pins and needles for the latest from Iraq. Word of eight soldiers killed in two separate bomb attacks over the past week has been devastating news, even for the families who haven't lost their loved ones.

And it's been especially difficult for Susan Babot, who not only worries about her husband being in harm's way, but she also worries about her son.

"It's hard when you have to put them on a plane and and see them go and being put in harm's way, but if it weren't for men and women like them, we would not be here today," she said.

But being on this end of the world doesn't make it any easier for family members like Babot, who wait day in and day out for her loved ones to return.

In May, she not only had to say goodbye to her husband, she also had to say goodbye to her firstborn son. "Everyone was there, and it was probably the hardest thing we've ever done."

With three more children to tend to and a job that keeps her busy, Babot and other family members have tried to live as normally as possible, by continuing to celebrate holidays, and if need be, gather together for moral support.

But with the latest tragedies coming out of Iraq, Babot has one more thing she has to worry about: the painful task of notifying families when a member of the 48th Brigade dies in Iraq.

"I get the notification so that I can pass it onto the family," she said. "When notification came in, I was in Wal-Mart and I'm not shy about crying any more, because I just broke down."

Knowing that notification might one day be for her is a heart-wrenching reality she just can't shake. "It's not out of my mind, ever."

The names of the four Army Guardsmen who were killed on Saturday will not be released until all family members are notified.

Reported by: Nicole Teigen,