Omelette Cafe in Rincon open on provisionary period after low health score

(Source: Department of Public Health)
(Source: Department of Public Health)

RINCON, GA (WTOC) - The Omelette Cafe on South Columbia Avenue in Rincon is open on a provisionary period after repeated low health inspection scores.

On Oct. 20, the Georgia Department of Public Health gave the restaurant an initial score of 48. The cafe was docked for hand cleanliness of employees and improper consumer advisory for raw and undercooked foods among other violations. You can read the first health check here.

On Oct. 25, the Department of Public Health returned for another assessment. This time, the Omelette Cafe scored a 14. For more on the second assessment, please click here. The owner said he didn't have enough time to train employees.

"We work with the health inspector whenever we can to change, but give us enough days to take time to change," said the owner, John Tran. "We have multiple employees, and we want somebody, we need to train. It takes times to train the employees."

He added they've made several changes and making food in a safe manner is important to them.

Due to the nature and extent of repeat uncorrected violations and the potential for an outbreak, the facility was closed but has been allowed to open on a provisionary period. A follow-up inspection has been scheduled for next week.

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