List of banned items from EverBank Field for UGA vs. UF

List of banned items from EverBank Field for UGA vs. UF

While everyone is excited for Saturday's showdown between the No. 3 UGA Bulldogs and Florida Gators, there are some rules you need to know before getting to the stadium.

At the stadium, EverBank Field officials will be conducting security wanding and bag inspections at every entrance. There is a clear bag policy in place and officials will have the right to search through your bag, purses, clothing, etc.

There is also a list of banned items from EverBank Field:

  • No cameras with lenses longer than six inches
  • No coolers or containers including cans, cups, and bottles
  • No strollers or umbrellas
  • No pets (except special services)
  • No food or beverage from outside the stadium
  • No seat cushions
  • No video or audio recorders
  • No whistles, noisemakers, air horns or laser pointers
  • No poles or sticks
  • No knives, guns or any type of weapons or explosives
  • No smoking (except in designated areas)
  • No promotional materials
    • Banners or signs larger than 3'x2'.
  • Any other item deemed unacceptable by stadium management.

No re-entry will be allowed into the stadium.

According to the University of Florida Athletics site, the general public parking lot is expected to fill up five hours prior to kickoff. Lots open at 8 a.m.

Those with special needs should contact Stadium Operations at 904.633-6100. They will need to provide the number of the gate they plan to enter as well as their special needs.

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