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Chatham County Jail will not change health care provider

(Source: WTOC) (Source: WTOC)

A change of heart for Chatham County Commission Chairman Al Scott. 

After insisting all last week that he wanted the current jail health care provider CorrectHealth out by this weekend, he has now decided to keep them in place well into next summer.

Scott met with Sheriff John Wilcher to explain the reversal. 

Wilcher had warned the Chatham County Commission that trading providers with such little notice would jeopardize the safety of his staff and the inmates. But Scott called the change an emergency on behalf of the inmates.

It's unclear what changed the chairman's mind so quickly, but CorrectHealth will remain at the jail through June of next year.  That will give the county time to conduct a proper search through the bidding process. 

Sheriff Wilcher had supported CorrectHealth all along, saying they have done a great job with his staff and inmate care.

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