Georgia and Florida fans enjoy SEC game in downtown Savannah

While there are thousands of fans in Florida right now, there are many viewing parties happening right here in Savannah. Georgia fans and Florida fans are flooding the downtown area to root their teams to victory.

B&D Burgers was the place to be on Saturday with mostly Georgia fans and just a few Florida fans. Georgia fans have been cheering their dawgs as Florida fans push their gators to the end. It's been a place full of cheers and music that has been keeping Florida fans in somewhat good spirits. The excitement has been through the roof and the history of fun that has been going on for years with Georgia and Florida fans.

"We're having a tough season, it is what it is," said Florida fan Taylor Burdock. "We all have ups and downs. We go through cycles and we've beat Georgia for the past couple of years."

Festivities are expected to continue well into the night.

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