Good News: Students give their time with UTime

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - It's playtime for the kids. It's work time for the student volunteers taking care of them.

But when they get together every month, it's UTime for the parents of special needs children.

"We know that a child with special needs takes a lot of care," said Lily Glass. "And the job can be a 24/7 job."

So, Glass came up with a way to give those parents a break.

The senior at Savannah Country Day School started UTime, a service in which high school kids take care of special needs children for three hours once a month, a free service that allows the parents of those children time to run errands or just relax.

"We started it for the parents," said Glass, "but it's become just as much for the children."

"It's just so fun and different because you can make an impact on these kids," added Abigaile Kahn, who has volunteered with UTime for about a year. "You can help them and just be a different leader in their life that's not their parents."

UTime started three years ago with Lily and a couple of friends and is now up to 30 volunteers working with about 15 children every time they meet.

Monkey Joe's donates the location and the high schoolers raise money to buy pizza for each session that has become more than free babysitting.

"You look forward to seeing each other on this one time a month," said Kahn. "with so little time you have together, it's so much fun and the time goes by so fast because you're having so much fun."

"Every time the children come in here, they are so excited to see all the volunteers," added Glass. "They know all the volunteers and they form a special bond with some of the volunteers. It's almost a form of physical therapy. It strengthens your bones and its exercise. I mean they're jumping all over the place, so I'm sure they're getting exercise."

And grateful parents are getting a little you time.

"I think they enjoy it because it gives them the time to get things done," said Glass. "But I think they also enjoy it because they know their children enjoy it so much."

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