Effingham Co. Sheriff’s Office issues tainted candy warning after earlier drug bust

EFFINGHAM CO., GA (WTOC) - The Effingham County Sheriff's Office wants parents to take a careful and close look at Halloween candy, especially after a drug bust made earlier this year.

Police anywhere will tell you, it's a good idea to screen the candy your children get from sometimes total strangers before they eat it.

While there's no reason to believe any tainted or laced candy is being circulated this Halloween season in Effingham County, a drug bust yielding some drug-laced candy earlier this year has the sheriff's office issuing this warning.

"As marijuana is being legalized in other states, sometimes we get that sort of stuff imported in vapes, in lollipops, in gummy bears and lifesavers. Any kind of gummy that they can put it in. So yes, it is being made. And yes, it is being marketed to a younger generation. I do not think they are giving it away for Halloween, but we just want people to make sure they are very diligent with their children's candy," said Gena Bilbo, with the Effingham County Sheriff's Office. "We do not think that they are handing out drug-laced candy, but with that being said, you never know peoples' intentions, so when you're out getting candy, some of this looks exactly like normal candy. Just make sure it's wrapped and sealed in the manufacturer's package."

The sheriff's office will have extra patrols out Tuesday night in the busier trick-or-treat neighborhoods and they'll also be driving around to give out candy themselves.

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