Recall on fire extinguishers serves as reminder that house fires more likely during holiday season

You may want to double check your home after 40 million fire extinguishers have been recalled nationwide by the federal government. There are about 140 different models on the list of recalls.

Captain Randy Hunter of Bluffton Fire Department said that everyone needs to make sure their fire extinguishers are on the list of recalls and, if they are, they need to follow the manufacturer's recommendations for returning it and getting a new one.

While extinguishers play a vital role in the home and business use, users also need to make sure they know how to use one properly especially with the winter season and holiday season coming.

The Consumer Product Safety Commission says that the plastic handles are breaking on the extinguishers and the nozzles are popping off.

"If that does happen, then the fire extinguisher isn't going to activate and disperse its agent," Hunter said.

You want to make sure your extinguishers are working and you know how to use it.

"We can replace property. We can replace equipment. Trucks, cars, garbage. Whatever it may be...but we cannot replace a life," Hunter said.

There is a simple acronym you can always remember with knowing how to use a fire extinguisher: P.A.S.S.

  • PULL-the ring out
  • AIM- at the fire
  • SQUEEZE- the handle
  • SWEEP- the fire to get it out.

Be sure to check the list to see if your fire extinguisher is on the recall list and get it switched out immediately.

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