Incumbent Statesboro mayor facing 2 challengers in November election

BULLOCH CO., GA (WTOC) - Voters in Statesboro will go to the polls Tuesday to decide who will be mayor for the next four years.

The first term mayor faces two challengers. The winner of this race will impact the city of Statesboro - not just for four years - but for as long as the next decade.

Jan Moore became the city's first female mayor four years ago. She says she's worked to move the city forward. She considers combatting crime with a more funded police department to be a major issue.

"Our citizens' number one concern is safety. They think our police department does a great job, but they're concerned about crime like everybody else is concerned about crime," Mayor Jan Moore said.

Moore won the seat four years ago after a four-person race and a runoff with current challenger, Jonathan McCollar, who says the city must do more to combat poverty, and grow jobs as an alternative to crime.

"I identify poverty as the number one issue the city is facing," McCollar said. "We have more than half of the people living below the poverty level in this city."

Newcomer, John Grotheer recently retired from 20 years of city and county government work as a financial officer and administrator.

"It's so important that the city run like a business, effectively and efficiently, because we can't just raise taxes when growth occurs," Grotheer said.

All three agree that Statesboro is growing, but differ on how the city can keep it growing, as well as how to handle the growth.

An outright winner will need 50 percent plus one of the vote. The top two vote-getters will meet again in a runoff.

We'll have those results and reactions for you on Tuesday night. Click here for more information.

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