Statesboro voters choosing next mayor

STATESBORO, GA (WTOC) - Voters in Statesboro must choose whether to keep their current mayor or go in a different direction.

WTOC's Dal Cannady is following the election and says the turnout has been slow to steady at different polls throughout the day Tuesday. Voters turned out to the polls across town to cast their vote in only one contested race. First-term mayor, Jan Moore faces challenge from Jonathan McCollar, who she faced and defeated in a runoff four years ago, and political newcomer John Grotheer. Voters have a range of reasons why they cast their ballot and what they want for their city.

"There are some restaurants that some cities have that we don't have. We need to bring a better shopping mall and make our economy grow," said voter, Frances Reed.

County voters, including those in Statesboro, also cast ballots on Tuesday in an ESPLOST referendum that would continue a one-cent sales tax for an additional five years. This would expand and upgrade schools and update technology and safety as well.

Stay with us for results.

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