Walthourville Police Chief suspended with pay

WALTHOURVILLE, GA (WTOC) - Chief Bernie Quarterman of the Walthourville Police Department was suspended with pay on Wednesday, November 9th.

According to Mayor Daisy Pray, the suspension comes as a result of several failed attempts to hold a "show cause" hearing. WTOC has reached out to Mayor Pray to determine the meaning behind this, but the Mayor declined to comment.

Walthourville City Attorney Jeff Arnold says that "Mayor Pray has always stood for the practice that any personnel action is privileged for the benefit of the employee and that with any potential adverse action involving an employee the employee is made aware and given the opportunity to address the adverse action."

Quarterman currently has a hearing set for Wednesday, November 15th. The chief filed a federal "whistleblower complaint" against the city two weeks before he was suspended, but states he has still not received any official, clear meaning behind the suspension. He was not even initially aware that he was being suspended, and had to be told by a fellow law enforcement officer that he needed to surrender his badge, gun, and car.

"In 20 years of law enforcement, I've never seen some of the stuff that went on," Quarterman said. "I've seen a lot of people get hurt since I've been with the Walthourville Police Department."

The Coastal Courier contributed to this report.

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