Telfair Museum holds 23rd annual art fair

The Telfair Museum held their 23rd annual art fair this weekend in downtown Savannah.

Hundreds of art enthusiasts got the chance to shop for all kinds of art from homemade jewelry to paintings, even pottery. There was also live music and activities for the kids. Artists taking part say they enjoyed getting a chance to talk about their art with new people and other artists.

"For me personally, it gives a broader audience to my art and I think everybody needs art in their lives," said Seabrook Island artist Deane Bowers. "It just infuses people with culture and with hope and with color and I just think as the saying goes, 'life without art is just eh' and it really is."

More than 85 artists from around the country came to take part in the art fair.

"This is my first time winning anything at a show, so I was very surprised and extremely flattered," said Breanna McBroom, who won first place at the fair for her work. "I think that a main purpose of festivals like this is educational, people can come and see all sorts of different artistic techniques and talk to artist one on one. It's an experience that you don't always have if you go to a museum or something like that."

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