Highway 21 traffic concerns pose challenges for Port Wentworth mayor-elect

PORT WENTWORTH, GA (WTOC) - As the port of Savannah continues to expand and attract new companies, one newly elected leader is calling for responsible growth.

Port Wentworth mayor-elect Gary Norton said one of his campaign promises and goals for his time in office will be giving the community transparency when it comes to big projects.

His example was the approval of a more than half-million square foot headquarters and 1.2-million square foot assembly facility going in between Highway 21 and the Jimmy DeLoach Parkway.

Norton says he thinks the public should know more about these projects and the impacts they could have on the surrounding community.
The mayor-elect says he's still looking into where the truck traffic will enter and exit the property.

Port Wentworth City officials did say there were presentations in council earlier this year, open to the public.

That property, owned now by Dynacraft, nearly completely surrounds Crossgate Motors. The owner there weighs in on his new neighbors and his hopes for what they'll bring.

"I just hope it doesn't swallow me up," laughed owner Joeseph Addison. "I hope it betters the conditions instead of worsens them. It should be, it should be a good thing for Port Wentworth. It should bring new business, new people...all of that should happen with this."

Mayor-elect Norton says he believes Dynacraft appealed to the Georgia Department of Transportation to have direct access to the Jimmy DeLoach, which would alleviate any truck traffic concerns along 21, but that appeal was rejected.

"The only concern I have with this right now is the truck traffic that's gonna be pouring out on Highway 21 in the evenings. It's already congested on Highway 21. My main concern is truck traffic coming out onto Highway 21," Norton said.

WTOC has heard the contrary from Port Wentworth's city administrator, so we'll update this story as more information comes in.

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