Boy Scouts Return from Troubled Jamboree

Some Coastal Empire Boy Scouts just got back from a jamboree they won't soon forget. When the boys left 13 days ago for the Boy Scout Jamboree in Virginia, they had no idea their trip would get national attention for all the wrong reasons.

First, the Boy Scouts from the Coastal Empire heard about the freak electrocution of four boy scout leaders. The Alaskan men died when their tent pole hit a power line. That was last Monday.

Last Tuesday, the scouts had to deal with extremely hot weather. While the thousands of Boy Scouts waited for President Bush to speak at their national jamboree, 300 of the boys were treated for heat-related illnesses.

But the 40 Coastal Empire kids kept their spirits up and focused on why they were there: to learn more about teamwork and of course have fun.

We spoke with Doris Terrel, a Boy Scout's mom from Eden, who was waiting to pick up her son from the trip this afternoon about what is was like having her son up there during all of this.

"It's been difficult, they've been keeping in contact with us and kept giving us phone calls and I have to call everyone and let them know," she said. "But the first week, the first couple of days it was torture. We felt guilty for doing it to the boys."

But the boys returned today all smiles. They got in around 5pm from all over southeast Georgia. None of the boys from the Coastal Empire had any problems in Virginia. They say growing up in the Georgia heat actually came in handy.

Reported by: Michelle Paynter,