Good News: Thanksgiving feast at Wesley

Good News: Thanksgiving feast at Wesley

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - The Wesley Community Center's Early Childhood Education Center serves dozens of families in the area with subsidized daycare.

The center brought those families together Tuesday for an early Thanksgiving feast.

"This is the time of year,'' said Tammy A.K. Mixon-Calderon, Wesley's executive director, "we invite families, parents, other extended family members to come out and fellowship with our children and our staff for Thanksgiving.''

Tuesday's fellowship came in the form of a feast, served by Wesley staff and enjoyed by Early Childhood Education students and their families.

"I think,'' said Mixon, "they had turkey and ham and collard greens, rice, mac and cheese, cranberries, pumpkin pie..."

They also had time together, working families sharing a midday meal and a chance to see each other during the workday.

"We're about family, all about family,'' said Mixon. "Sometimes it's grandparents, aunts, uncles who don't get the opportunity to come and share a meal with their children at school. It is a wonderful time because family is not just the nuclear family, but all of their extended family, so this is a time when we can do that.''

The children made the centerpieces. The staff made the meal. The company made the day.

"Oh, they love it'' Mixon said of the parents. "They always say thank you so much and they really appreciate it.''

The Wesley Center will host another Thanksgiving feast on Thursday for its older children and their families.

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