Southeastern Tech holds active shooter training session

VIDALIA, GA (WTOC) - Shootings in places like churches and schools have plenty of people asking about the best ways to protect themselves.

Organizers of the active-shooter drill say one of their toughest challenges can be overcoming the thought that it can't happen here.

A gunman walked the halls of Southeastern Tech's Vidalia campus, shooting off blanks just so the teachers, students, and staff locked in their rooms would know the sound and might one day recognize it over just a slamming door.

This drill helped security teams get themselves and the campus community prepared - as prepared as they might be - if this was a big city.

"Often times, it's in a small town where they say we never thought it would happen here," Director of Safety Travis Akridge said.

This team focuses on how to keep people safe in those minutes before help arrives.

"Until law enforcement gets here, and I know they're coming, but until they get here, we've got to somehow survive," Akridge said.

The plan and the practice reassure campus personnel like David Yarborough.

"You can talk about what to do all you want, but it's completely different when you hear those sounds," said Southeastern Tech Vice President, David Yarborough.

They put this plan in place and hope they never need it.

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