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Local Scouts Return from Jamboree

It was supposed to be a great vacation, but this year's Boy Scout Jamboree started with a tragedy. Thousands of scouts traveled to Virginia for the event, but on the very first day of the trip, four scout leaders from Alaska were electrocuted trying to set up their tents.

Forty of the scouts were from the Coastal Empire. They returned home yesterday, and parents were ecstatic. They say it's been rough seeing all the bad things that happened, and they're happy to have everyone home safe after what luckily ended up being a fun time.

"The first couple days there, it was scary because people lost their lives," said scout Jacob Terrell. "It was scary."

Things didn't improve very quickly. More than 300 Boy Scouts had to be treated after becoming sick because of the stifling heat.

"A lot of the boys had said they wanted to come home," said Doris Terrell, Jacob's mother. "They wanted to come home and we kept saying 'Be strong. You can do it. This is what a Boy Scout is.' And they all stayed."

Despite the rough start, the jamboree ended on a much higher note. "It was good," Jacob told us. "It was hot the first couple days, but then it got good. It was fun. If I had a chance to do it again, I really would."

"I asked him if he wanted anything in particular, and he said just a hug to come home," said Doris.

Boys from our area said they had no problems with the heat themselves, and credited growing up in muggy Georgia as the main reason the weather didn't bother them.

Reported by: Chris Cowperthwaite, ccowperthwaite@wtoc.com

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