Family of five loses childhood home

Family of five loses childhood home

BRYAN CO., GA (WTOC) - Five people escaped a house fire on Sunday morning in Bryan County. This family of five lost everything this morning, but what they didn't lose was each other.

This family was very emotional after they watched what they knew as their childhood home go up in flames.

Catherine Foxworth says the first thing she did when she woke up and saw the flames was run to the bathroom and grab a bucket of water. She says she was scared for her life, but she knew she had to protect her family.

While the rest of the family was sleeping, she was trying to save her family and the home that they had known for over four decades.

Foxworth says when her sister woke up and realized what was happening, she told her to come on and get out of the house and it was too late.

The family of five made it out of the home in time, but they did lose their family pet.

The Foxworths say that they have received nothing but love and support all day from the community.

"I thank God for that and I thank God for everybody that's been coming by giving donations...clothes and everything. I thank God for that and I thank Jesus," says Foxworth.

As this family approaches the holidays with no home of their own, their neighbors say that's not even something they have to worry about.

"It's a blessing that all of them made it out of the house safe and the community needs to stick together as one in times like this especially you got Thanksgiving coming up," Karon Bacon said. "That's the number one thing about Bryan County and Pembroke. We stick together as a family over here."

If you want to help this family out, they have set up a GoFundMe.

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