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"Lawnmower Lady" Stolen

Jim Sculati with Lawna's replacement, called Larry...for now. Jim Sculati with Lawna's replacement, called Larry...for now.

If you've driven down Skidaway Road, you've probably seen a woman sitting on a lawnmower. She's a mannequin, and she's been reported missing. Tonight there has been a break in the story. When they found out she was abducted, radio stations, newspapers, and customers put out an all points bulletin for her return, but it may have been too late for Lawna the lawnmower lady.

Jim Sculati owns the Lawnmower Store. Five years ago, Lawna became their mascot and it didn't take long to cause a stir. "It took about ten minutes," Sculati said. "A news crew was out front, cause people complained about a nude woman sitting on a lawnmower. It was actually a mannequin."

"All the landscapers love Lawna," said Shirley Hagans, the person who kept Lawna out of trouble and in her clothes.

"Sometimes we would fight because Lawna didn't like what I dressed her in, but we managed," she said.

"She'd get waves, lots of hooting and hollering," said Sculati.

Wednesday night, it all came to a stop. A mechanic noticed the lawnmower was empty and two girls had stolen Lawna.

"I got upset about it," said Hagans.

"We filed a police report," said Sculati, "on a stolen mannequin."

Lawna was locked in her seat by a chain. Sculati says the two girls cut the chain and threw Lawna in the back of their truck. There have been Lawna sightings, and Adler's Package Shop owner Mike Frawley says he found Lawna in the Dumpster behind his store.

"As I looked in there, I saw two legs sticking up with white tennis shoes," he said. "I was taken by surprise and a little scared, and when I looked closer I saw it was a mannequin."

Frawley had seen Lawna before, but didn't realize it was her until it was too late. "Before I could get it out, the garbage truck had taken her away," he said. "She met her demise in the Dumpster."

"I just wish they would have brought her back rather than throw her away," said Shirley Hagans.

"It's still weird walking past the lawnmower and nothing sitting on it," said Sculati.

Lawna is gone. A loyal customer donated her replacement, but the male mannequin is no Lawna. "No it's not," said Sculati. "Never will be."

Frawley has even taped a sign on his Dumpster reading, "R.I.P. Lawna 2000-2005."

If they are caught, Sculati says he would press charges against the two girls who stole Lawna to teach them a lesson.

But he does have big plans for her replacement. Lawna's top half was that of a female mannequin, while her lower half was actually that of a male mannequin. Sculati's planning to replace the new mannequin's top half to make another lawnmower lady.

Reported by: Don Logana, dlogana@wtoc.com

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