On last day, Georgia Dome Twitter recaps arena's legacy, cracks a few jokes in between

On last day, Georgia Dome Twitter recaps arena's legacy, cracks a few jokes in between

This morning the sun rose for the last time over an iconic building in Atlanta, Georgia. The Georgia Dome was imploded to make room for an offshoot of its successor, Mercedes-Benz Stadium.

The Georgia Dome hosted 25 years of football games, concerts, band competitions and more – and was reduced to a pile of rubble in 12 seconds.

Officials said the implosion took more than 100,000 man-hours to prepare the building for demolition.

The Georgia Dome's official twitter account, @GeorgiaDome, playfully joked about being nervous, having anxiety, then said goodbye.

The entire structure was supposed to fall, however part of it was still standing after the dust settled. The  Georgia Dome's twitter account cracked a joke saying "Y'all thought it would be easy to just get rid of me? Nah."

It will take three months to transform the massive pile of rubble into the base for the future Home Depot Backyard. The city of Atlanta said it will serve as a greenspace to feature unique arts, entertainment and cultural experiences.

Future dome events will be played in the Mercedes Benz stadium, which opened up earlier this year with a price tag of $1.6 billion dollars.

Mercedes-Benz Stadium has a lot of ground to cover if it wants to live up to the economic impact of the Georgia Dome. It brought more than $7.4 million to the state of Georgia. The original dome only cost only a fraction of the new stadium, $214 million.

Here are some other fun Georgia Dome facts:

  • 1992-2017 dome hosted 39 million fans
  • $7.4 billion economic impact on state of Georgia
  • 1400 events
  • 289 High School football games
  • 256 Falcons NFL games
  • 152 College football games
  • 74 Hawks games
  • 57 band competitions
  • 35 concerts
  • 11 soccer matches
  • 3 Olympic events
  • 2 Super bowls

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