Effingham Co. Sheriff’s Office giving back to the community

EFFINGHAM CO., GA (WTOC) - It was certainly not your typical traffic stop or home visit, the Effingham County sheriffs office is lending a helping hand to families in their community this holiday season...one turkey at a time.

"...and a frozen bird," said Effingham County Sheriff's Deputy MIke Kendricks to one unsuspecting family.

Under the guise of business as usual, bags of Thanksgiving cheer were handed out to those unsuspecting.

"...and from our family to yours, we hope y'all have a Happy Thanksgiving, ok?" Kendricks said to the recipients of the Thanksgiving meal-in-a-bag.

20 meals were bought for Effingham County families, an effort funded by JDX Uniforms and Range, Publix and the sheriff's office.

"In Effingham, I like to think that we really do try to engage our community a lot. We get a lot of love from our community, and we try to give it back. So, this is just another phenomenal way to actually reach out and help people who are in need," Effingham County Sheriff's Office PIO Gena Bilbo."You don't do an event like this without walking away with your heart a little fuller. It just makes you feel great to help other people and to give back during the holidays. Especially during the holidays."

Deputies are planning to head back out Tuesday to deliver the rest of the meals.

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