Garden City leaders, community come together to discuss train delay issues

Public town hall held Monday night to discuss the issue. (Source: WTOC)
Public town hall held Monday night to discuss the issue. (Source: WTOC)

GARDEN CITY, GA (WTOC) - Garden City leaders are trying to find a solution to train delays.

They say CSX is uncooperative and they've had enough. A town hall meeting Monday allowed citizens to voice their concerns. Many say the long delays at railroad crossings affect emergency response times.

"This is serious. It makes me upset to think that someone could actually lose their life. It's getting worse and worse," said local resident, Peggye Edwards. "When I got to the railroad tracks at 10:15, it was already blocked by the train. I sat there five or ten minutes. I came back home, I don't have a cell phone, but I know that number. I called them and they said we don't know when the train is going to move and I said oh my goodness I have a doctor's appointment."

Garden City officials have taken notice to the problem.

Mayor Don Bethune says they have had a number of fire and medical calls that have been delayed. The mayor says he is putting pressure on CSX to fix the prolonged train delays. and says that CSX has pledged to be a "good neighbor in the communities at which they operate."

The area is expected to see more freight volume within the coming years as the Georgia Ports Authority grows. City leaders concluded the meeting with a promise to continue pushing CSX and demanding results. The mayor believes they need to implement changes immediately, focusing on reducing train delays to at least 15 minutes or less.

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