Suspect Named in Construction Site Burglary

Ever see all the expensive equipment around a construction site? Workers can't bring most of it home at the end of the day so it's a pretty inviting target for thieves.

Investigators say they've got a suspect in one burglary, and now they're trying to see if they can link him to others around Effingham County.

Investigators say that can be tough.

Sheriff Jimmy McDuffie says, "You got the painters, you got the drywall people, you got the plumbers, the electricians; and there's so many people taking stuff in and out that, if people see them, a lot of times they don't think a whole lot about it."

Investigators say one of those people going in and out of a house on Pleasant Hill Road was 34 year old Roger Dickey.

They say last week, he lifted dozens of pieces of equipment -- nothing major -- but when it's all added up, it was worth almost $4,000.

Now they're looking for Dickey and hope to find him soon.

"The longer it goes," explains McDuffie, "The less your chances of recovering any of it."

Sheriff McDuffie says he hopes if they can make an arrest in this construction site burglary, it will close the case on several others they've had around the county.

He says, "Usually when you have something like this going on it's not an isolated incident. It usually relates to two or three others minimum."

Investigators say Dickey is driving a black 1996 Dodge Dakota with no front bumper and a cracked windshield. It's got a Georgia license plate, APP-7061

If you see him or his truck, call the Effingham County Sheriff's Office at 754-3449.

Reported by: Chris Cowperthwaite,