Local law enforcement check out new bulletproof technology in Bryan Co.

BRYAN CO., GA (WTOC) - Local law enforcement got to see new potentially life-saving gear in action in Bryan County.

A thin plate that can be inserted into a shirt and could be the next wearable bulletproof technology.

A thin, one pound high tech plate claims it can withstand multiple rounds without crumbling or letting a bullet get through. Mike Pinault is the owner of Pinault Defense Solutions in Richmond Hill and says he was impressed with the product.

"This stuff stopped everything we shot at it today, as far as pistol stuff goes," Pinault said.

Billy Gibbons is a co-owner with Veterans Manufacturing who conducted the demonstration. He claims the thin, lightweight plate can go in a student backpack to protect them from an active shooter.

"In Texas where we're from, run-hide-fight is implemented from first grade.  So, the kids, my children especially are aware 'hey, I have this extra tool should the worst ever happen,'" Gibbons said.

When it comes to police, many wear bulky bulletproof vests.

The officers checking out the gear today say safety is the priority and add that comfort is important too.

"It's a real matter of comfort and with the comfort comes people will wear their gear. Doesn't matter how great your gear is, if you're not wearing it it's not dong you any good," Gibbons said.

Local police departments are not switching to the new gear.  They were simply watching a demonstration so officers can consider purchasing it for themselves at a discounted rate to enhance their safety on the job.

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