Good News: Thanksgiving charity events

Good News: Thanksgiving charity events

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - There's been as much giving as thanks across the area this week as several groups brought a sense of the Thanksgiving holiday to those less fortunate.

"Some people don't have families and some people don't have a connection to anyone and that's why they're out there homeless," said Phyllis Garrison, one of the organizers of the International Free Masons Feed the Hungry event. "So, it's important that they know they are still loved and there are people out in the community who care about them and that they have a place to go to eat."

The Savannah district of the Free Masons was that place to go this weekend, the organization feeding the homeless and pairing it with one of their semi-annual clothing giveaways

"We just want to let the community know," said event organizer Emily Pollard, "that we are here with our arms and our doors open to be a help to each and every one."

At the Second Annual ThanksLiving, folks were feasting to save animals, the Savannah Veggies and Vegans event raising money for the Cotton Ranch farm animal sanctuary in South Carolina.

"On Thanksgiving, we think of turkeys and animals for eating," said Evan Costner, director of the Cotton Ranch. "But we like to celebrate their life instead."

And events across the area were impacting lives in the spirit of Thanksgiving.

"We had an opportunity to give," said Garrison, "in addition to praying for some of the problems, issues we're having right now."

"It's all to let them know they are still loved," added Pollard. "We're all at that same point and we let them know they are not forgotten."

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