Over one million drivers hitting Georgia roads for Thanksgiving

Over one million drivers hitting Georgia roads for Thanksgiving

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - Over one million drivers are expected to hit Georgia roads for the Thanksgiving holidays.

Georgia officials say this year will be a record year for people traveling during Thanksgiving, so they are giving travelers tips to stay safe on roadways. Georgia State Patrol and The Office of Highway Safety held press conferences all across the state Tuesday.

They say to take your time and pay attention when driving. Most importantly, wear a seatbelt.

GSP says over half of the people killed in car accidents aren't buckling up.

"Of course, everybody's traveling and their minds are not on their safety. Their minds are getting to their loved ones to have a great time and a feast. but one thing we want to make sure that everyone is reminded buckle up and slow down," Sgt. Christopher Fedd said.

The departments set up a seminar with a car that was involved in a car accident. Its purpose is to show what buckling up can do.

A deputy was driving the vehicle last year when he crashed in a high-speed chase. Officials say thankfully, he was a wearing a seat belt.

Now, they bring this car around to spread awareness of buckling up especially during the holidays.

"Gas prices are down and we're seeing a prediction that one point three million Georgians will be on the road going more than fifty miles from their home," Director of Highway Safety Harris Blackwood said. "That's a lot of people."

According to GDOT, 20 people died in car accidents last year during the Thanksgiving holidays. Georgia officials hope drivers will buckle up and use these safety tips to change that number.

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