Good News: Savannah Golf Championship tickets available

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - Savannah has been waiting for another professional golf tournament of its own for four years, and now that wait is a little shorter as tickets are now available for the Savannah Golf Classic.

As the days slip away in 2017, golf season officially starts in Savannah.

"It's real,'' said Tim Iley, the Executive Tournament Director for the Savannah Golf Championship. " Once we turn into January, it's going to be a blur heading into the event.''

The return of professional tournament golf to the Savannah area has gotten one step closer Wednesday with the start of ticket sales for the Savannah Golf Championship, the Tour event that will be played at The Landings next March. Early-bird and holiday packages will kick off the first month of sales.

"We wanted to make sure the tournament was affordable for everybody, so a daily grounds ticket is $10, a weekly ticket is $25,'' said Iley. "And from Nov. 22 until Dec. 22, we're going to run a holiday promotion where you can get two weekly tickets for $40, so you save $10.''

While it will still be months before the field for the first Savannah Golf Championship is set, anticipation has been building for the tournament at The Landings, which will host the event.

"I think that's one of the biggest selling points for getting volunteers, that they can be up close and person with the next Jordan Spieths and Justin Thomases of the PGA Tour,'' said Bob Lindenschmidt, a Landings resident and volunteer chairman for the event. "So, how can you miss that, particularly being in your backyard? It's just an excitement that I think is going to really build on itself.''

For the first time on Wednesday, you can now get a ticket to that excitement.

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