Bloomingdale Police need witnesses to fatal crash on I-16

BLOOMINGDALE, GA (WTOC) - A week after a fatal crash on Interstate 16 in Bloomingdale, police and family members are still looking for answers.

The two-car wreck shut down I-16 in both directions for several hours, and Bloomingdale Police are hoping people can remember their commute home to help them figure out what happened.

Police say the accident happened during 5 p.m. traffic, and they're hoping someone saw what led up to the two-car wreck that killed Sandra Gearhart. Police say her car flipped, and she was ejected from it.

Tracy Kimball, Gearhart's mom, says knowing what happened will help ease her family's pain.

"It's heart-wrenching," Kimball said. "There's nothing harder in the world than to have to bury your child. Some kind of closure is just what we're looking for just to know what happened. I don't know that anyone being charged with anything is going to be a closure for me. It's just a matter of knowing...just knowing."

Bloomingdale Police Lt. Wayne Daniels said the department collected all the crash evidence from the scene but said that only tells part of the story. Officers want someone who saw what led up to the crash or saw the crash as it happened to help put all the pieces together.

"The other driver's being very forthcoming with information," Daniels said. "He's been completely cooperative during all of this. My job is to make sure that we have all the information.

Kimball said her daughter was a mother of a 3-year-old son and a 10-month-old daughter.

"She was just beautiful," Kimball said. "She was a walking heart. Her babies were her world, and everybody that knew Sandra loved Sandra. She was a fierce friend. If you were her friend. If you were her friend, you were a very lucky person."

Anyone with information, especially westbound drivers, is asked to contact Lt. Daniels at or the Bloomingdale Police Department at 912.748.8302.

"Even if it seems slight to them, it can show the light we need to be able to reconstruct the accident, and if charges are needed, to be able to make those charges," Daniels said.

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