More stores closing for Thanksgiving Day this year

More stores closing for Thanksgiving Day this year

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - Thursday, most will gather around the table with family and friends while others will be planning to hit stores early to find the best deals.

For years, stores have opened their doors on Thanksgiving, but this year, many will close for the first time in a long time. While Thanksgiving is a family-driven holiday, a lot of employees around town have a lot to be thankful for. They get to spend this one with their families.

"I'm very glad they get to spend it with their families this year. That's kind of what the holidays are all about," South Carolina resident, said Brandy Hexamer.

For many years, the dollar began to win out over family time as the traditional Black Friday frenzy began to take over Thanksgiving Day. This year, retailers like Publix, Dillard's, and Sam's Club, just to name a few, are shutting their doors. Is it backlash by employees and customers longing for a past that showed more respect for national holidays? The customers we spoke with say they have no problem with a retail lockdown on Thursday.

"I know since I'm in the military, I know we get Thanksgiving off. Obviously, there are some days when we can't, but it's important," said Miguel Alcala, U.S. Army.

"I agree. People should be able to spend time with their families and like the food stores and stuff are open and you have time to plan and prepare, so I think the one day off a year or however many holidays there are should be spent with family," said Savannah resident, Samantha Alcala.

Alcala feels as if all stores should be closed to give those employees valuable time to the same families their jobs support.

"It's important. It lets you be with your family. You need a break from work," Alcala said.

The list of stores choosing to close on Thanksgiving is growing every year, following a period where choosing not to open made you the odd store out. It's still unclear if we're truly heading back to a time when the holiday was actually a holiday.

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