Shoppers hit the stores early looking for Black Friday deals

Shoppers hit the stores early looking for Black Friday deals

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - Millions of Americans across the country are flocking to stores - hoping to score some amazing Black Friday deals.

Shoppers in Savannah started packing in the stores Thursday night, and the crowds continued all morning long with customers looking for the very best deals.

Shoppers woke up super-early Friday morning with deals and discounts on their mind. Hundreds of customers waited hours to get inside Best Buy on Abercorn Street. A lot of them had specific deals in mind, but some items sold out within ten minutes.

One shopper told us he was getting a head start on his Christmas list for his special someone.

"Actually, I'm getting an early start. My wife just came back from Afghanistan so I'm trying to get whatever she wants and spoil her. Still got to do some more shopping," said Andre Mathews, Black Friday shopper.

The stores are staying open for the rest of the day Friday. Employees told us they grabbed a lot of caffeine and are ready for the long hours.

Some of the nation's top stores are offering some great deals for Black Friday. Click here for some of the best Black Friday deals.

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