Terrifying new details emerge in reported Wilmington Island rape

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - A Savannah-Chatham Metro Police report details a reported rape on Wilmington Island.

An armed stranger raped an 18-year-old at Buccaneer Trace Apartments Sunday night around 10 p.m., according to the report.

The report states she told police she couldn't sleep, so she told her friend that she was going to go out for a walk.

She walked toward the apartment complex on Deerwood Road, and when "she was near the pool at Buccaneer, a black Mustang pulled up to her and a black male about 6 feet tall and average build got out of the vehicle," the report states. She then told police the man approached her and told her, "If you don't get your [expletive] behind the dumpster, I'll shoot you right where you stand." She told police he put a gun to her head and took her behind the dumpsters to rape her.

As soon as he gave her the opportunity, she got up and ran away and called her roommate to come pick her up, the report says. Residents at Buccaneer Trace said nothing like this has ever happened there.

"No, in fact, we don't ever have crime, unless it's some kids messing around; not anything violent," said resident, Tom Archer. "If we do, it's probably somebody not from here. In fact, they have to be checked out to move here, you know, as far as police record goes, anything like that. I mean, we have people walking all night long, so for something to happen, that's very unusual.

The survivor described the suspect as a black man in his mid-to-late 20s. He was wearing a black t-shirt, baggy camouflage pants, a red skully hat and a white bandana over the lower part of his face. She said he had a dark complexion and a deep voice. The car is a two-door black mustang with a louder than normal exhaust system.

Police took the survivor to a local hospital for a sexual assault evaluation. The Rape Crisis Center is also working with her, and said this is one of three rapes reported over the weekend. Two happened in Savannah and one happened in Liberty County, according to Executive Director Kesha Gibson-Carter.

Gibson-Carter said this kind of stranger rape is a community issues, and this likely isn't the first time this subject has done this.

Both SCMPD and The Rape Crisis Center are reporting more rapes so far in 2017 than in 2016.

In 2017, The Rape Crisis Center has responded to hospitals 174 times for patients who have disclosed they've been raped. They recorded 135 hospital responses up to this time in 2016. The center has given law enforcement 145 rape kits for forensic testing in 2017. It submitted 130 total in all of 2016. Police have made 16 arrests for rape in 2017 with just 10 convictions.

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