Byrd Cookie Company announces $4 million expansion

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - Byrd Cookie Company has announced a $4 million expansion of its corporate headquarters in Savannah.

The company will add 10,000 square feet of space, increase a significant amount of production capacity, and will create more than 50 new jobs in Chatham County. The president of the company says the new expansion will allow Byrd Cookies to be everywhere, including outside of Savannah.

"Our mantra around here is 'more cookies and more mouths,' and this is going to really fulfill our version of being able to put cookies on airplanes and in grocery stores and hotels, and in convenience stores, and in big box retailers. We're going to have Byrd Cookies everywhere. We're going to have a taste of Savannah all over the world," said Geoff Repella.

The expansion will be located at the former Exchange Tavern outparcel building on Waters Avenue. Renovations are already underway.

Byrd employees are expected to move into the new building in January 2018.

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