Good News: Beta Club Convention

Good News: Beta Club Convention

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - The Georgia Beta Convention brings some of the state's best students to Savannah.

When brainpower is put to work, things can get a little crazy.

"So many schools are doing so many different things. It's chaotic and organized at the same time, but it's been really cool," said Hannah Gregor, Glennville Middle School.

More than 400 schools and almost 6,000 students are putting their best work on display at the Georgia Junior Beta Convention - a three-day event to celebrate and show off young peoples' skills in math, social studies, and visual arts.

"It's bringing together the top students from across the state and if they finish in the top five at this convention they get to go to the national convention in June, which will be in Savannah as well," said Teresa Thompson, Georgia Junior Beta Club, State Sponsor.

Although, there are competitions in the various subjects including something called 'living literature.'

"These kids come together and it's like a wax museum for one page out of a book," Thompson said.

The Beta Convention also allows the students to network and form relationships.

"You've got all these kids coming together and working with each other, they make new contacts, make new friends. We involve social media, so they are able to take things from the National Beta Club's Twitter and Instagram. It's a great way for them to connect with Georgia's best," Thompson said.

It's also a great way to see who comes out the best among those best in an event that supplements classroom education.

"To see things like that come to fruition is amazing as a teacher because I'm a middle school teacher, but it's also amazing as a parent, to know your child had these opportunities and other students in the state did too," Thompson said.

This is the first year of a five-year contract for the Georgia Junior Beta Convention to be held in Savannah.

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