Richmond Hill PD busts thief using ATM Skimmer, also had over 400 blank credit cards

(Source: Richmond Hill Police Department)
(Source: Richmond Hill Police Department)
(Source: Richmond Hill Police Department)
(Source: Richmond Hill Police Department)

RICHMOND HILL, GA (WTOC) - The Richmond Hill Police Department arrested a suspect who used an ATM skimmer on Thursday.

Detectives and patrol units have been trying to keep an extra out for suspicious activity due to recent ATM skimming thefts in the area. They also spoke with many local cashiers and asked them to keep an eye out as well. It paid off when a cashier spotted a person acting suspiciously and loitering around an ATM machine. She immediately contacted detectives who then contacted patrol units in the area.

Plainclothes detectives found the suspect and conducted discreet surveillance. They finally approached the suspect in the Hardee's parking lot along with marked patrol units. While speaking with him, officers discovered about $2,000 in cash as well as over 30 blank credit cards. The suspect was eventually placed under arrest.

"It looks like they were cards created using stolen account numbers and PIN numbers so basically it's just a blank card and he loads the information on it and steals the PIN number also and that way he can use the card just like a debit card," says Lt. Brad Sykes.

A search of the suspect's vehicle revealed about $30,000 in cash and over 425 blank credit cards. The case is being investigated further and it appears that the suspect may have been conducting these types of thefts in more than five other states.

Lt. Sykes said, "He was only targeting certain ATMs. There was one particular brand so he had some materials made specifically for that ATM to compromise that."

The suspect had all of the equipment needed to steal debit card numbers and pin numbers. Detectives also said he had the equipment needed to create debit cards using the stolen information.

Police also say some tips you could use to keep your information safe include:

Here is what police say you can do to make sure you are safe:

  • Look for anything that does not look normal on the ATM, like cameras
  • Look for extra devices on or around the card slot before sliding your card in
  • You can also call your bank and set a daily transaction limit on your cards

If you believe you may be a victim, please contact the Richmond Hill PD at 912.756.5645.

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