Good News: Army National Guard Christmas Party

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - Any time of year is a good time to express gratitude to the military.

City and state officials were among those doing that at the annual Christmas Party for the Georgia Army National Guard.

Spirits might have been light, but hearts were full of pride at Hunter Army Airfield Sunday. Nearly 300 members of the Georgia Army National Guard and their families were honored at the annual National Guard holiday party, where the theme was seasonal, but the message timeless.

"We keep in mind those who are overseas and serving away from home,'' said Congressman Buddy Carter, who attended the event. "But we also want those who are at home to know how much we appreciate everything they do; particularly the family members. This is a very joyous time of year and we want to make sure they have a good time.''

It was important that the families were at the party to share the fun and the message.

"It does me good to see the kids and their reaction to what is taking place, for them to know how special their parents are,'' said Savannah Mayor, Eddie Deloach. "Because all of our sense of pride comes from our parents and how we feel about them, and if we can represent that and let them know how important their parents are, it will only reflect on them later.''

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