Good News: Savannah church gets pantry makeover

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - Food Lion stores are well past halfway to their goal of giving away 500 million meals by the year 2020.

They got a little closer by contributing to a church food pantry in Savannah on Tuesday. It was a full-service delivery defined as much by grace as groceries.

"It was like Christmas seeing the things we haven't been able to have for people. We had somebody come in and ask for milk and today we have milk to give out to the babies and children," said Judy Berube, St. Michael's Episcopal Church.

Representatives of Food Lion built the shelves and then filled them as the Great Pantry Makeover came to the Food Bank at St. Michael's Episcopal Church in Savannah. Food Lion is celebrating its sixtieth anniversary by rebuilding and replenishing 60 pantries across 10 states.

"Feeding the hungry is one of the missions for Food Lion. I mean, we're a grocery store, right? We have food, so our whole mission is to help people who don't have food," said Benny Smith, Food Lion.

A new refrigerator and updated storage from Food Lion will help St. Michael's continue to help people in their community.

"Well, we were running really low on food, so I was able to tell people we're getting food in so come next week and see what we can give you," Berube said.

"It really does something to your heart because there are families here who need help. Even one time in my life, my father went to a pantry, so it's really something that brings that back up in me and so it means a lot to me," Smith said.

"It's just a great feeling to know you're supplying food that they may not have, and we're just helping as many people as we can," Berube said.

St. Michael's was the 55th pantry makeover this year for Food Lion, which turns 60 next week.

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