Family mourns after 5-year-old killed in bus crash

LIBERTY CO., GA (WTOC) - Family and friends are remembering five-year-old Cambria Shuman after a bus ran off a dirt road into a tree early Tuesday morning near Georgia Highway 196 in Hinesville.

Family members are now having to deal with the loss of a precious little girl just weeks before one of her favorite holidays.

"For her to basically be ripped out of your arms really hurts because I didn't think I was going to wake up this morning and my little cousin was going to be dead," said Darah Wells, Shuman's cousin.

She already specially picked out Christmas presents for her.

"It's going to hurt not being able to give her the presents because they were already bought for her," Wells said.

When Wells got the news, she immediately called Sage Shuman, Cambria's older sister. Sage was also riding the bus that crashed.

"She went back on the bus. She tried to save Cambria. She tried to, but she couldn't," Wells said.

Shuman's sister told Wells she tried to pull her, but couldn't get her loose.

"She just saw she only had one shoe on her when they finally got her off, because she couldn't get her off."

One mother says the fact her children weren't on that bus is a miracle.

"My girls could have very well been on bus 16 because when bus 17 is late, sometimes they send bus 16 out to pick up my girls," said Shonda Golden. "Bus 17 was on time today. I immediately got on the phone and called the school and they said my girls were safe and okay."

Golden's daughter Megan is in Shuman's sister's class.

"When I heard about it at school and I heard she wasn't here, I just started crying because I knew she was going through a lot. I just want Sage to know I'm here for her," Golden's daughter said.

Dozens of people visited the site to pay respects throughout the evening. Funeral arrangements have not been made.

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