Photos of suspect holding murder weapon shown in Chatham County court

CHATHAM CO., GA (WTOC) - Wednesday marked the third day in a triple homicide trial in Chatham County.

The prosecution revealed shocking photos to the court of defendant James Hampton posing with the same type of gun used to shoot and kill three people - and it was taken on the same day. They were downloaded as evidence directly from his phone.

Twenty-year-old Diamond Butler, who testified Tuesday, was being kicked out of Kiana Marshall's house for not paying rent, so she wanted revenge and asked Hampton to help her.

'What did you think was going to happen when you left,' she was asked in court.

'That we were going to go back over there,' she replied.

'And what were you going to do when you went back over there?'

'I was going to shoot the house up,' Butler said.

Butler didn't end up going back to 801 Lynah Street in October of 2015, but the lead investigator says Hampton and Dwayne Abney did. The prosecution showed letters Hampton wrote to Abney in jail trying to change their story of what happened that night. The prosecution also played a phone call made from Abney to his girlfriend where he tells her to vouch that he was with her that night instead of with Hampton.

"She [Butler] stated that they got back, she saw them with their guns. She said that James was sweating and shaking and at one point she was hugging up on him and that's when he whispered in her ear that he killed all three," said lead investigator, Allison Nichols.

The prosecution also made the case that after the two came back from Lynah Street, they kicked back and partied, showing absolutely no remorse.

"And after that point, they partied, they smoked, they drank, smoked marijuana, and listened to rap songs to include Yo Gotti's 'Bulletproof,' Nichols said.

It's a song about shooting people. Wednesday, a medical examiner says Corey Martin, Alexis Kitchens, and Kiana Marshall were shot a total of nine times. One of the most disturbing details to the courtroom were the lyrics the prosecution says Hampton made up and started rapping about Corey Martin.

"He rapped about shooting someone in the head and that person struggling to breathe and made that impression, and stated *expletive* die already.' His rap lyrics that he made up were very specific to that crime scene."

The defense will call one witness on Thursday. The court expects closing statements could be as early as Thursday afternoon.

Both defendants are facing life in prison without parole.

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