Good News: Mayor's Motorcade

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - Sharing holiday greetings from the top into the most distant corner of the community, the Mayor's Motorcade rolled into Georgia Regional Hospital for its annual holiday visit this week.

Each year, leaders of the 36 municipalities served by Georgia Regional visit the state-funded behavioral health facility. The mayors bring gifts and personal items with them as holiday gifts, share a meal, and raise the mood of patients stopping by.

"They're absolutely thrilled. What we provide through the hospital is pretty basic, so they get basic PJs, basic pair of sweats. Any of the stuff that's donated feels extra special and specific to them because then they get jeans and brands that they recognize when they're out in the community, and it makes them feel more like a person instead of a patient," said Jessica Mathis, Volunteer Coordinator, GA Regional Hospital.

First responders and the military are also invited to the Mayor's Motorcade event.

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