Richmond Hill Police credit clerk's action for credit card theft bust

(Source: RHPD)
(Source: RHPD)
(Source: WTOC)
(Source: WTOC)
Maibelyn Peraza (Source: Byran County Jail)
Maibelyn Peraza (Source: Byran County Jail)
Yoel Garcia (Source: Byran County Jail)
Yoel Garcia (Source: Byran County Jail)

RICHMOND HILL, GA (WTOC) - Richmond Hill police said a clerk's quick action helped them get suspected credit card thieves off the streets. Yoel Garcia and Maibelyn Peraza are charged with having more than 60 stolen credit cards in their possession.

The woman working looked at the receipt and the card and realized something was off. Officers said without that, this couple may have never been caught.

Lauren Hollis has been a clerk at the Chu's in Richmond Hill for six years. She said their training helped the manager on duty.

"We have a bunch of scammers so they train us to look at the numbers," Hollis said.

After every purchase, clerks check the last four digits on the card and compare it to the receipt. They're supposed to match.

"If it doesn't, we're supposed to take the card immediately and call the police," Hollis said.

Police said that's what happened this week when Garcia came in. Officers got there quickly and caught the couple in their car.

"This guy may have never been caught if it wasn't for that clerk," said Richmond Hill PD Lieutenant Brad Sykes.

Lt. Sykes said other stores and even citizens can take a lesson from this.

"Always check the credit cards. Make sure that the credit cards match the receipt. Make sure that the person using the credit card is actually the owner of the credit card. Verify credit card and license names."

Folks in the community can also learn the value of calling police immediately.

"It's very important, and it's important that they call when something happens. Don't wait until it's over and then call. Call as quickly as you can," Lt. Sykes said.

The crime is part of a growing trend of skimmers and credit card theft. Less than a month ago, officers here found a skimmer on an ATM.

"Obviously we have seen an increase here locally and just watching the news, it's everywhere so just everybody, just be careful," Lt. Sykes said.

Back at Chu's, Hollis said people with fake cards better think twice before they come in here.

"Don't bring stolen cards. You're going to get caught, in Chu's in Richmond Hill you will," she said.

The man and woman are charged with forging credit cards. Officers did not find any skimming material in their car. Both have been denied bond.

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