Good News: Photo shoot staged to surprise dad-to-be

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - Photographer Callie Beale has captured the biggest moments in hundreds of peoples' lives across South Georgia. Now her work is capturing the attention of the internet and publications like People Magazine.

Photos taken the week before Hurricane Irma hit show every cloud - or hurricane - has a silver lining.

"It's just been really difficult to keep it a secret as they wanted to wait a little bit into their pregnancy to let everyone know. So, I've just had those hiding on my hard drive for a couple months now," Beale said.

Kellyn Wilkes revealed she was pregnant during a staged photo shoot with Savannah-based photographer Beale.

"I got a call from her and she said guess what?! I just got a positive pregnancy test and I can't wait to tell my husband, Eric, so I'd love it if we can do a last-minute shoot before everything gets crazy with the hurricane coming," Beale said.

Kellyn kept the secret from her husband, Eric, for a day and a half.

"At first, we played it off like a normal shoot which was hard for me because I'm not very good at keeping secrets and playing it cool," Beale said.

Beale gave each a chalkboard and told them to write one word describing their first year of marriage. Kellyn's message: "You're going to be a daddy."

Eric's jaw dropped.

"His reaction was just unbelievable. He broke down and it was so funny, just a few minutes later, he said, I already feel like a dad," Beale said. "It was just really great, not only as a photographer to shoot life-changing moments like this but also as a good friend of theirs to witness that moment when everything was going to change."

Kellyn shared the pictures last week. And now they're being shared all over the world and featured in publications like Southern Living and People Magazine.

"That was one of my photographer bucket list items, to be featured in People Magazine," Beale said. "It was just a really special moment. I'm not surprised that everyone has just been captivated by their reaction."

It's hard to keep good news a secret, but Kellyn Wilke's patience proved to be a sweet way to announce her pregnancy and surprise her own husband.

Baby Wilkes is due in May.

If you're wondering, the word Eric wrote on his chalkboard was "fulfilled."

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