Children spread Christmas cheer and toys in Yamacraw

Children spread Christmas cheer and toys in Yamacraw

Christmas spirit was all around Yamacraw on Saturday and the children's choir at First Bryan Baptist Church definitely knows how to spread it. Christmas caroler, Hannah Middleton said it gets everyone into the spirit. "The caroling is fun because you get to sing Christmas songs and songs that we know," Middleton said. "We get to spend time with our friends and family."

The children started off singing everyone's favorite carols like 'Jingle Bells' and 'Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer.' These kids got the Yamacraw community on their feet and celebrating the holiday season.

"For people to come to us and draw them to us," Youth Pastor, Carlton Middleton said of outreach to the community. "When we started singing and the kids started projecting their voices, people just started coming out of their homes and pulling up their chairs and just enjoying themselves."

But they didn't just share their voices, they shared much more. They gave away over 500 toys to be exact. First Bryan Baptist Church used the afternoon to pass out a hot meal and toys to families in the neighborhood. Anna Drayton serves as one of the youth leaders at the church and organized most of the event.

"We wanted to do something different not just give out the toys, but have a little program a little Christmas caroling and then go ahead and bless the community with the toys," Drayton said.

According to Middleton, "We got some really good donations and we were able to really give some good gifts like bicycles and electronic toys to children who otherwise may not have an opportunity to have something on Christmas Day."

Organizers say the worst part was running out of toys and food. They say it was all gone in about an hour, but they know they helped well over a hundred people get ready for the holidays.

"The biggest thing as I mentioned earlier is just sharing the gift of Christmas, the true gift of Christmas with our community," Middleton said.

Organizers with the church say they are already excited to work on next year's event and they're hoping to help even more people.

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