House fires leave families stranded for the holidays

House fires leave families stranded for the holidays

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - Taking a look from the outside of this home on Bloomingdale Road in Bloomingdale, GA, it doesn't look like much is out of place. However when you see the inside, you see the devastation. A couple lost their home over the weekend to what family friend says could have been an electrical fire.

"They don't have a place to live right now, because it's the holidays and the trailer you can't live in it," Bearden said. "You know basically I believe myself it's going to be a total loss from just looking at it. That's going to financially hurt them and this time of year that's a sad thing."

This is just one of seven fires that happened in the area this weekend. One early morning fire happening on Tahoe Road in Pooler, GA. 
Not only did fire and rescue teams show up to all seven house fires, but so did the local Red Cross. They stepped up to help more than 40 people who were left without anywhere to go.

"Then what they do is they sit down and they talk with the clients. They talk about 'Do you have a place to stay?'" Esther Sheppard, local Executive Director of The Red Cross said. "'Do you have family members you can stay with?' If not, then there's financial support to be able to give them a place to stay for just a couple of days."

The Red Cross said they help out with at least two house fires a day in the Savannah area, but when the temperatures dip that number goes up.

"Typically when we see a decrease in temperatures that we've seen over the last couple of weeks, we do see a spike in residential fires," Sheppard said. "And again, it's based on those temperatures being lower and people beginning to use or utilize different ways to heat their homes."

Sheppard also said Christmas is just around the corner and that is by far the worst part for these families.

"We've seen a few that have had several children involved and of course, this time of year people are beginning to buy items for the holidays and sometimes they lose everything," Sheppard said.